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About us

Milly & Molly is a dog lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing products of the highest quality to your canine companions. Our products are all developed to cater to a dog’s every need. We have carefully designed and developed a range of dog toys and accessories alongside our doggie bakery to make sure we have something for those all-important dog demands: eat, sleep, play, lifestyle.

Milly & Molly is a small home-based business run out of Windsor, Berkshire. We understand just how important your dog is, and how they are a such an important part of the family, and that is why all of our products are handmade in Great Britain with the love and care that we believe all dogs deserve. We know we are by no means the biggest dog brand but we hope to be one that makes for happy hounds, and happy humans alike.

Milly & Molly grew out of a passion for dogs and a want to provide quality bespoke products. Our very own dogs have been the inspiration behind the brand – and our beautiful flatcoated retriever Molly Jr (MJ) is our chief product tester, she very much enjoys her role!

Our bakery

Milly & Molly bakery products are all handmade in our very own kitchen. Using human grade ingredients, our bakery products are lovingly made with natural ingredients and organic, where possible. We use no artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugar or salt - we let the natural ingredients and flavours speak for themselves. All our bakes are freshly made to order and provide a healthy and wholesome treat for your dog (our bakery products are intended as a complementary dog food, and should be given as a treat or reward).

Our cakes and biscuits are made using a base of organic wholemeal rye flour, organic porridge oats, organic peanut butter and honey. Our icing is all-natural using natural yoghurt and any colouring is made from natural ingredients. Our ‘chocolate’ is made using dog-safe carob, a great alternative for dogs.

We have also ensured that we adhere to the strict standards for producing dog treats, so that you can be confident when choosing our bakery. We are fully insured, and registered with Trading Standards (GB 886 E0085). All of our products have been independently tested by a UKAS accredited Food Test Laboratory and we have obtained a Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) certification in Food Hygiene.

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Our toys and accessories

We have teamed up with a number of great partners throughout Great Britain to produce our range of dog toys and accessories. From Cheshire, down to Hampshire, we have worked with really talented people to bring our ideas to life. Starting with our very own fabrics,